Supercharge Your Staff's Communication Skills

Are your people the best ambassadors for your company? Do they inspire your clients? Do they bring out the best in their teams?
What if you're missing something?
Your people may be technically strong. They may also be great people managers. But I’m willing to guess that they could be even better by honing one simple skill.

What is this ONE thing that can transform your business?

The ability to communicate powerfully, authentically and with purpose.
What would it mean...
…to your bottom line if you had influential and empowering leaders; people with exceptional communication skills who could effectively engage with their teams, with your suppliers, and with your clients – to drive your business growth?
What would it mean... your bottom line if your people could:

• Communicate authentically, being true to their style and not mimicking anyone else?
• Engage with their team or their prospective clients?
• Speak with passion, irrespective of the topic?

Let's get one thing straight

We are always presenting to others. You may think it’s just a meeting or a team huddle, but you and your team are communicating at every moment. Honing your communicating and presenting skills is vital to ensure your success.
Richard McCann has delivered over 3000 presentations all around the world, and the many testimonials he has received show how effectively he has touched the hearts and minds of his audiences.

Imagine if we could show your people how to discover and develop their own effective styles of communication.

• Would they have better networking skills?
• Would they interact with clients more powerfully?
• Would they be able to inspire their teams?
• Would they generate more sales?
• Would they be stronger leaders?
I think we both know the answer.

Introducing the Influence Workshop

The academy offers onsite, offsite, and virtual training. Here's what delegates can expect to learn:
Stand & Deliver
A comprehensive look at body language, including appropriate and effective hand gestures.
Start with Impact
It’s important to make an impact from the first moment whether you are on a physical stage or a virtual one; however, starting a presentation or webinar virtually comes with the added pressure of not always being able to see your audience. Discover how to maintain their interest throughout.
Who are you looking at?
Understanding eye contact is vital, and this module looks at the subject in detail.
Spice Things Up
Learn how to inject genuine and infectious enthusiasm into a talk.
3 is the Magic Number
Discover how to reinforce your message using this effective technique that can be applied to any presentation.
Vocal Variety
We show you powerful language techniques to engage any audience.
Involve the Audience
The best speakers don’t stick to a script. They find ways to step away from it and include or involve both the audience and anything else that occurs around them.

Introducing the Influence Masterclass

The Influence Masterclass includes all of the events from day one, as well as the following:
The Science of Storytelling
What is so special about stories? They have been used since the dawn of civilisation to pass on useful information from one generation to the next. Our attitudes, beliefs, fears and aspirations are often shaped by the stories we have heard, seen, and created for ourselves. This section looks at the science behind storytelling and why it is such a powerful and profound tool for changing mindsets.
Powerful Openings
Where does the story start – an unusual fact, the most exciting part, or ‘in the beginning’? How you start a story is crucial to its effectiveness. Learn how to start with impact because, if you don’t, it is much harder to grab your audience’s attention later on. Richard explains the different ways you can begin your story.
Structure Types
All stories have a start, a middle, and an end, but there are many ways to structure a story. We don’t have to start ‘in the beginning’, and the story doesn’t have to be unfolded chronologically. Stories are more powerful when they take the audience on a journey.
Richard explores some of the main types of structure, such as ‘the hero’s/heroine’s journey’ and
Emotional Content
Stories become much more memorable and powerful when they are injected with emotion. By injecting emotion into a story, we make it more intense and relatable.
Relatable Content
The best stories are those that your audience can relate to. When others can relate to the characters in the story, they are more likely to empathise, which is one of the keys to changing hearts and minds. By putting your audience in the centre of the story, and taking them on a journey where they face and overcome adversity, you are priming them for success in real-world scenarios.
The Element of Surprise
Surprises are always good, not just at the start of a story. They can occur anywhere along the way to ensure your audience is kept on its toes, even at the end of the story when things don’t go in the way they were expecting them to.
The Power of Humour
Richard shares how strategically placed humour will supercharge any story by resetting the tone after an emotionally intense part, for example.
What sounds better – “companies that have adopted this technology have seen a significant increase in productivity” or “companies that have adopted this technology have seen their productivity rise by 76% within just six months”? Specific details add credibility and impact to any story.
Great stories often contain an element of conflict, which needs to be resolved. One type of structure involves setting the scene, recognising something that needs to be addressed (the conflict) and fixing that issue (resolution). This forms the basis of what the leadership need to achieve, with the conflict being how to manage the significant changes that are around the corner.
Pausing for Effect
The best storytellers know when to talk and when to allow things to sink in. Pausing serves many purposes, and Richard shares these with delegates.
What message do you want to leave your audience mulling over when the story is over? What actions do you want them to take? Do you finish with a bang, a sobering thought, or something for your audience to reflect on? How you end your story is as important as how you begin.

With three options available, the choice is yours


One Day In-Person Delivery
The Influence Workshop is typically for 10 people and runs from 9.00 a.m. until 4.30 p.m.–5 p.m. It can be delivered on or offsite depending on your requirements.
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Two Day Influence Masterclass
The comprehensive Influence Masterclass incorporates storytelling and participants get to deliver a presentation or pitch on the second day to put what they have learned into practice. The days can be delivered back-to-back or with a gap in between.


Three Day Influence Storytelling Retreat
Our flagship offering.
Three full day’s of training, which organisations usually send their senior leaders to attend.
(Typically held Friday-Sunday and with a maximum of 8 delegates)

Get in touch today... discuss how we can give them the tools and techniques and, importantly, the confidence to become powerful communicators creating exceptional outcomes.
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