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Influence Workshop

Duration - 60-90 minutes for larger groups, half day/full day for small groups (includes coaching of each delegate).
In the corporate world, communication underpins success. People who can speak confidently and clearly in an engaging way are more effective business networkers, stronger negotiators, and highly skilled influencers. They make excellent leaders and great business development consultants, and they are superb for client-facing roles.

The Influence Workshop will supercharge your team’s communication skills, leading to more productive and efficient teamwork, improved sales performance, and fantastic customer service. One of the added benefits of the in-person session is that delegates get to experience Richard’s speaking expertise in the flesh.

The Influence Workshop is available as a one-day course but for those looking for more depth, there is a two-day option, which can be booked for two consecutive days or with a break in between.
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iCan Speak To Camera Workshop

Duration - 60-90 minutes for larger groups, half day/full day for small groups (includes coaching of each delegate).
In today’s fast-paced, high-tech business environment, being able to communicate well on camera has never been more important. Even the most powerful in-the-room speakers will fail to engage a virtual audience if they don’t know how to adapt their delivery for the camera. The same goes for pre-recorded video presentations and online training courses.

The iCan Speak to Camera course will give your team all the tools and techniques they need for delivering highly engaging presentations to the camera, so they can effectively persuade, influence, and connect with an audience via a screen. These skills come in highly useful for creating video content to engage on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.
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iCan Be Resilient Workshop

Duration - anything from an hour up to a full day. A typical session lasts for half a day.
The impact of the pandemic and the restrictions put in place to fight it have left many people feeling slightly unsteady, anxious, and uncertain about the future. If ever there were a time when your staff could benefit from resilience training, it is now, as offices reopen, and the world tentatively starts to turn again.

In the iCan Be Resilient session, Richard goes beyond his story of childhood trauma and the setbacks he encountered and bounced back from throughout his life, and he draws upon scientific research to share the strategies that helped him not only to survive but thrive despite his challenges.

iCan Be Resilient is usually delivered as a half-day session, which can take place online or in person. It is highly interactive and comes with a suite of pre-recorded resilience tools for delegates to work with.
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Storytelling For Business Workshop

Location: Online
Duration: 60-75 minutes
Number of delegates: Any number
Stories are at the heart of every culture. They form the foundations upon which our attitudes and beliefs are built, and this is why storytelling and the art of persuasion and influence are so inextricably linked. Marketing experts understand how storytelling can be used to express brand values and win the hearts and minds of their ideal customers. Storytelling is also a powerful tool for leaders to share their vision and inspire teams to move forward with purpose.

Richard McCann has told his story almost 3000 times, from stages all around the world, which makes him the perfect person to show your staff how to use stories to powerfully engage with clients, shareholders, and other stakeholders on an emotional level.

We also offer Storytelling retreats for senior leaders. Contact us for more details.
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iCan Grow Workshop

Location: Online
Duration: 60-75 minutes
Number of delegates: Any number
The way to grow your organisation is to grow your team – mentally and emotionally. Imagine if every member of your team believed they could do the things tomorrow that seem impossible today. Imagine if every member of your team recognised failures as valuable lessons and strived to learn from their mistakes. Imagine if you could boost the productivity of your team without having to hire extra people.

iCan Grow will show your team how to develop a growth mindset, providing them with the tools to find solutions where others see dead ends. Your organisation will benefit from a stronger, more capable team that produces more, creates more, and performs better.

Learning takes place through a process of reflection, discussion, and considering the findings of experts on the topic such as the author and psychologist Carol Dweck, who coined the term ‘Growth Mindset’.

This is typically delivered as a half-day session with a break in the middle.
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