Is Your Team Ready to Speak to Camera?

What is iCan Speak To Camera?

These days, your staff must be able to present as confidently and effectively through the lens of a camera as they can in the room. 

Most of the speaking skills we use in the room are transferrable but there are some important differences to consider when speaking to camera. 

We need to pay special attention to issues such as lighting, sound, background, distractions, volume, and “lens contact”. 

iCan Speak to Camera will give your staff the tools and skills they need to impress and influence others whether they are recording video content, presenting via a screen, or in the room.

The iCan Approach

The iCan Academy employs a more personable, relatable, and engaging approach, which not only helps people to build confidence but also ensures they fully absorb everything they have learned.

Meet Your Host

Richard McCann is an award-winning, internationally renowned professional speaker and Sunday Times No. 1 bestselling author, who leverages a uniquely intimate approach to engage audiences. 

He is an exceptional communicator whose ability to inspire an iCan attitude is guaranteed to leave your people feeling ready for anything. 

Not only does he live and breathe the iCan philosophy, but he has helped thousands of people in the business, corporate, community and education worlds to feel empowered to influence others positively.

The Program

The iCan Speak to Camera program is comprehensive and will leave your people feeling confident enough to be able to reach people through the camera as effectively as if they were in the same room!

This is what participants can expect:

Richard McCann's Online Keynote

The session begins with a short online presentation of Richard’s inspirational keynote. 

By sharing his unique and inspirational backstory, including the fact that he was once terrified of speaking to camera, Richard builds a strong connection with delegates from the outset and gives them a demonstration of how he delivers virtual presentations.

Recorded Presentations

The iCan Speak to Camera course is practical, interactive, and designed to leave a lasting impression. Every delegate will deliver a short presentation to introduce themselves, and these brief talks are recorded for later analysis.

Group Discussions

These recorded presentations are played back to the group for constructive discussion, analysis, and evaluation. 

This is a fantastic way to introduce the topics that will be covered in the session while providing delegates an insight into their natural strengths and weaknesses, so they can see which areas they need to improve.

Group Learning and Practical Assignments

Training is split into key learning modules, which are layered to provide delegates with an increasingly detailed understanding of how to speak to the camera.

 Throughout the session, they are given the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice, and this also gives them a feel for how they are progressing.

Key Outcomes

Richard’s iCan Speak to Camera has been designed to deliver and unlock several key outcomes for delegates:

· Strengthened confidence that will boost their credibility.
· The finesse to speak naturally without the need for scripts or pre-packaged approaches.
· Significantly improved engagement, meaning they can grab audience attention from the get-go and hold it for longer.
· Deep understanding of how to deliver with empathy and sensitivity, so their audiences feel heard.

Course Content

iCan Speak to Camera can be delivered as a half-day course for 5 participants or a full-day session for 8–10 delegates.

The content is broken down into modules, which have been designed to build knowledge and strengthen confidence and capability, and the focus is on helping delegates to upskill and refine their delivery.

Delegates will learn presentation skills that are particularly useful when speaking to an audience via a camera and at live, in-the-room events. They will also learn the key differences between the two platforms to give them the confidence and the skills to tailor their delivery accordingly.
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