If you wish to grow your organisation,
grow your people!

iCan Grow is for forward-thinking business leaders who recognise that the way to grow their organisations is to grow their people. 

Imagine if you could improve the performance of every one of your employees by 25%. For a team of one hundred people, that effectively equates to having an extra twenty-five staff members without any recruitment costs or changes to payroll.

Helping the people in your organisation to develop a growth mindset will not only mean a boost in productivity, creativity, and overall performance. It will also mean a happier team of people who work well together, encourage each other, and strive for the same collective goals. 

From staff retention to business development, your organisation will benefit from a stronger, more capable team.

What's a Growth Mindset?

People with growth mindsets recognise that nothing is set in stone, that they can learn from mistakes and work on their weaknesses to become more rounded and versatile human beings who can shape their futures by changing how they think.

They understand that not being able to do something today should not be a barrier to growth and, with practice, they may be able to do it tomorrow.

What Will Your Team Learn?

A wise person once said, ‘Show me someone who has never made a mistake, and I will show you someone who has never tried anything.’

Whoever said this was bang on the money, and at iCan Grow, your people will discover the value of failure.

Making mistakes is a natural part of growth. What counts is that we learn from them.

Success is no accident but happens by design. When we adopt a growth mindset, we realise that life is what we make it, and we look for the lessons in every experience, especially when things go wrong.

What Does An iCan Grow Session Look Like?

iCan Grow is typically a half-day session with a break in the middle.

Learning takes place through a process of reflection, discussion, and considering the findings of experts on the topic, such as the author and psychologist Carol Dweck, who coined the term ‘Growth Mindset’.
Fixed vs Growth Mindsets
What are they, how does our mindset affect our outcomes, and what habits can we adopt to improve.
Faith moves mountains, and it starts with believing in one’s own ability to learn, grow, and succeed.
Success doesn’t always come easy for anyone. Even the most naturally gifted must work for the things they want.
 Recognising and celebrating our success acts as a reward and primes us for further achievements.
Snakes and Ladders
 Just like the board game, life is full of opportunities and threats. Don’t give up because of a setback today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Take Risks
Life is full of risks whether you take action or not. Great things happen to those who go for it and take chances.
Just Do It!
While it’s great to plan, the future is never set in stone and if you always have to wait for things to be perfect, you might never get anything done. Start when you are not ready.
Model Success
If you want to be successful, look at the things that successful people do.
Be Yourself
You are much more likely to succeed when you are working in alignment with your true purpose and vision. Be yourself and work towards your goals, not someone else’s.

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